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The Insulation Deadline is Looming – Is Your Rental Property Ready?

October 5th, 2018.

  • Tenancy Compliance Investigation Team take ‘zero tolerance' policy to enforce standards

From July 2019 all rental properties must have as a minimum underfloor and ceiling insulation that meets the new standards and the Tenancy Compliance and Investigation Team (TCIT) will be taking no prisoners in enforcing compliance. Wall insulation is not compulsory.

Paul Davies of TCIT made it perfectly clear at the recent REINZ Property Management conference that with increasing funding at their disposal, they will be enforcing the standards and taking non-complaint landlords and Property Management companies to Tribunal to enforce the new standard. Avoid wearing a potential $4,000 fine by ensuring your rental property is compliant and meets the new standards well before the July 2019 deadline. Don’t leave it till the last minute, as you may find yourself struggling to find qualified insulation professionals who can complete any required work, at a reasonable price and in time for the deadline.


How do I ensure my rental property will be compliant for insulation?


If ceiling and underfloor insulation was installed in your rental property before July 2016:

The Landlord must be able to prove that the insulation is currently in a reasonable condition (meaning free of mould, dampness and gaps) and at the time of installation meet the below minimum R-values:

Minimum R-values for timber-framed homes:

  • Ceiling R 1.9
  • Underfloor R 0.9

Minimum R-values for masonry homes:

  • Ceiling R 1.5
  • Underfloor R 0.9


If any part of the insulation is not in a reasonable condition then the Landlord must replace it with insulation that meets the new standards.


If there is currently no existing insulation or it was installed after July 2016:

If you rental property is located in Auckland and had no insulation as at July 2016 or had insulation installed after this date, it must meet the new zone 1 levels:

Minimum R-values for Zones 1

  • Ceiling R 2.9
  • Underfloor R 1.3


If the property’s insulation was installed below these levels it must be upgraded to meet the new standards.


Is my rental property exempt from the new insulation standards?

If your rental property is an apartment or has a concrete slab it may be exempt from the new requirements. A written confirmation of exception should be provided by a qualified insulation professional, or in the case of apartments a confirmation from the Body Corporate should be suitable.

For more information on properties that may be exempt please see below:



What must be stated on insulation statements for all new tenancies after July 2016?

All tenancy agreements issued after July 2016 must include insulation statements that include the following information regarding the properties current insulation:

  • Location
  • Type
  • Condition


We recommend providing an insulation compliance certificate from a qualified professional.


Below is a template provided by Tenancy Services which outlines the level of detail they are expecting to be included as part of the tenancy agreement:



Still have questions?

Please contact your dedicated Pedersens Property Manager or to read more about what is required and your obligations as a Landlord please see the below information from Tenancy Services:




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