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Renting - What should you expect?


Looking for a New Rental Property
All of the properties we currently have available for rent can be seen on the available properties page of this site. If you are interested in viewing one of the properties please call us on (09) 486 4710 or email us at info@pedersens.net.nz and one of our property managers will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a viewing.
Applying to Rent a Property
Applying for a property is easy, once you've viewed the property all you need to do is download our application form or you can just simply complete our online application. The information collected will be used to assess your suitability for tenancy, this process includes credit checks on all applicants, rental references from previous landlords plus employment checks.  We will need a photocopy of your drivers license or passport (and to sight the original) before we can process your application.

Entering Into a Tenancy Agreement
Once your application has been approved we will send you an offer of tenancy including the tenancy agreement, bond lodgement form and instructions for payment of the deposit required to secure the tenancy. Payment of one weeks rent  is payable upon signing in order to secure the tenancy, the property will not be confirmed as yours until this deposit is paid and the tenancy agreement has been fully signed. Payment of the remaining bond is due prior to keys being issued.

Start of Your Tenancy
On the day of your tenancy commencement, keys can be collected once all due monies have been paid and you can then start moving in to your new property.  We will at this time also lodge your bond monies with the Department of Building and Housings Bond Centre, where the money will be held in trust till the end of the tenancy, you will receive a letter from them confirming that the bond has been lodged. Ensuring that you have adequate insurance cover is very important. Should an unforeseen event occur its essential that you ensure that you are covered. That means making sure that prior to moving in you arrange Contents Insurance plus we also strongly recommend that you also take out Public Liability Insurance.

Entry Inspection Videos
Prior to your tenancy commencing, we will go through and thoroughly record the condition of the property using a video camera, this will provide an accurate record that can be later referred to should a dispute arise. This documented recording is used at the end of your tenancy for the bond refund, so it is very important that you take time to ensure that it is correct and you are happy with it.

Routine Property Inspections
Your first inspection will be carried out after you have been in the property for 4 weeks. You will be given at least 48 hours written notice as to when this will take place. You do not have to be present, the inspection takes about 30 minutes and if the inspection is acceptable your next one generally be every 3 to 4 months thereafter. We take our inspections very seriously and ask that you do as well.

Payment of Rent
In accordance with your tenancy agreement, rent is payable on or before the due date and at all times must be kept one week in advance. Please ensure you use address of the tenancy as a reference when making payments so we can correctly allocate your payment.  Failure to pay rent on or before the due date will result in proceedings being taken to terminate your tenancy. We have a zero tolerance policy to rental arrears. If you think a rent payment might be late for any reason please get in touch with us immediately.

Only the people originally included in your application or tenancy agreement are allowed to reside at the property permanently.  Anyone staying at the property for a period of 14 days or more must be approved prior by your Property Manager.  The total numbers of tenants that may reside at the property is written on your tenancy agreement.

General Maintenance
General wear and tear on properties means that repairs are needed from time to time. Should you have a maintenance request. please complete our online maintenance request form. We’ll do all that we can to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. If something breaks or breaks down and you don’t let us know immediately, you run the risk of having monies deducted from your bond at the end of your tenancy.
Urgent Maintenance
Should the need for urgent repairs arise please contact your property manager and we’ll take care of the situation. If for any reason you’re unable to reach us, please send a text. You should only call a trades person yourself if you’ve been unable to contact us in the event of an emergency. If an emergency callout is made for a non-essential repair, you will be responsible for the callout fee.
End of Your Tenancy
If you wish to end your tenancy please notify us of your intention in writing and we will advise how much notice is required to be given by you depending on whether your tenancy is periodic or on a fixed term. In the last 21 days of your tenancy it’s likely we’ll need to show prospective tenants through the property. We’d appreciate your cooperation and will check with you to arrange a suitable time beforehand. We’ll conduct a bond inspection after you’ve moved out. Once we’re satisfied that all due monies have been paid and that the property is clean, tidy and free from damage we’ll then organise the refund of your bond.
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