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Paul Honnor - Testimonial

Paul HonnorPaul Honnor - Investor & Entrepreneur

"My wife and I have owned many rental properties over the years and still have 18 or so in our portfolio.  My wife has always managed these properties as each time we have used a property management firm it has ended in disaster i.e.  rent falling in arrears, street kids being put in, damage etc etc.

Through a strange twist of fate we ended up with a property in Warkworth which was well out of our normal rental area.  My wife, being unable to face the long journey to interview tenants, found out about Pedersens Property Management and arranged for Anne to take over the management of this and our other properties. 

We have been so impressed with her hard work and attention to detail.  Her entry inspection procedure is like nothing I have ever seen before.  She spent hours taking photographs and by the time she had finished she knew the property better than we did.  Rural properties bring their own set of challenges.  Anne has managed her way through broken toilets, split water tanks and many more initial problems.

We have found Anne, as part of Pedersens Property Management, to be very professional, helpful, pleasant and extremely easy to deal with.  My wife and I are keen to recommend them to anyone needing property management services as they are so far above their competition.  We wish both Anne and the rest of the team all the very best in their business endeavours."

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